About Us


Our mission is to get dangerous, pollution producing , overweight vehicles off the road. We’re doing that by developing viable alternative modes of personal transportation. We believe a clean and healthy future is in everyone’s best interest, and that is how we measure our success.

Our Story

The company was founded in 2021 by Trevor Grant, an entrepreneur with a strong background in Computer/AI Engineering, and a “shade tree” automotive mechanic. He commuted about two miles a day to work, year round. As winter of ‘21 was setting in, he was trying to think of a safer and (primarily) warmer way to bike through the Chicago Winter.

He went on AliBaba and found some trikes to import, but realized they all were desperately lacking in safety features he considered to be ‘table stakes’ such as a light kit, speedometer, and others.

He completed his first prototype- the X1 in Spring of ‘22, an E-Bike with a full light kit / speedometer/odometer, and a 30+ mile range so he could go visit his friends who lived in the Chicago Suburbs on one charge.

Our Services

Biking is a healthy and fun way to get around… when weather conditions are optimal, unfortunately in most places, conditions aren’t always optimal. We are a performance customization shop- but to us performance means being able to bike in all weather, safely take your kids to the grocery store, and not leave an environmental wake of destruction while doing so.

While we will upgrade any bike-like vehicle you bring to our shop- we also do R&D to find good ‘donors’, upgrade them, and sell them as badged finished projects. Similar to BMW’s Department M, Mercedes AMG, or Ford/Shelby.